Medical Humanities

The nation's premier undergraduate program-in the context of Christian community-developing capable, compassionate leaders working for wellness in our world. 

Success Stories

Gil Ruiz, Legislative Director for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

"Medical Humanities taught me to communicate complex ideas with empathy. In government, this skill is paramount to drive policies that genuinely impact lives."

Micah Gamble, MD

"A great deal of health is beyond what I can explain objectively. My foundation in the medical humanities plays a huge role in helping me understand the subjectivity within my patients' experiences of their medical condition."

Kristina Hagerman, PA

"Medical Humanities courses helped me consider all aspects of the patient's care, whether from the perspective of society, the healthcare provider, the caregiver, or the patient."

Daniel Kiang, PharmD

"A lot of people go into college thinking they have to major in one of the traditional sciences to be a good candidate for professional school. However, my background in Medical Humanities helped me learn the vital art and skills of caring for humans - and that is invaluable training for anyone in health care whether they plan to be in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, etc."

Macy Scott, MBA-Healthcare Administration

"Since before I came to Baylor, health care administration has always been my passion. It's the glue that holds the whole health care enterprise together and medical humanities helps me make sure I keep patients where they belong-at the center!"

Sarah Tucker, MD

Medical Humanities "Gave me a space to think about death and understand how that is going to affect me when patients die. Death is not the enemy of medicine."